Faridatul Azna – A Songket-weaver in Perak Tengah

Faridatul Azna Shoib, a professional songket-weaver at Kampung Masjid Lama of Bota Kanan, is set to be the only weaver of the traditional songket (woven fabric) at the Perak Tengah district.

Using two weaving tools, Faridatul, 52, has produced various attractive patterns with delicate workmanship for many including the state palace.

Her journey in the field began in 1993 as she learned the skills at Alor Setar, Kedah.

According to her, her deep passion led her to

continue her study at Seberang Takir, Terengganu for a year.

“After completing my study, I worked in the field for 4 years to accumulate experience.

“In 2000, I started to craft the songket at home and now I have two pieces of weaving equipment sourced from Terengganu.

“Other products that I craft include kain sampin (a fabric that wraps around the waist), tissue box cover, keychain holder and cover for tepak sirih (traditional metal container).

The price of bookings at the moment ranges from hundreds of ringgit to thousands of ringgit depending on the requested pattern.

“The price of songket is high as it is an exclusive handmade craft with high artistic value.

Faridatul hoped that the younger generation will pick up the art of songket-making so that the heritage will not be lost.

by Rosli Mansor

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