National Sports Day 2022 Promotes Unity and Healthy Living

The celebration of National Sports Day 2022 (HSN 2022) at the state level of Perak was celebrated yesterday with the participation of thousands of people through various organised events.

Among the interesting activities are the Mega Aerobic Challenge, HSN Fun Walk, HSN Fun Ride and the Active Disabled Carnival.

Located at the Polo Grounds, this programme was completed by the Chairman of the Rural Development Committee, Entrepreneurs and Cooperatives, Dato’ Zainol Fadzi Paharudin representing the Chief Minister.

In his speech, he praised the diversity of the community who came together to celebrate HSN 2022.

“We can see women, children, old people, young people, people with disabilities (OKU) as well as athletes from the state of Perak, all present together to give support for this celebration.

“As a concerned government, this spirit is what we want towards the formation of a healthy and active ‘Malaysian Family’,” he said.

Zainol Fadzi said that this kind of atmosphere can fuel the spirit of unity among the community which is part of the national agenda.

“The HSN celebration is one of the efforts towards supporting the Healthy Malaysia National Agenda (ANMS) in its goal of making the people healthy and prosperous.

“It is also in line with the agenda of the Prosperous Perak Plan 2030,” he said.

Also present was the State Finance Officer, Mohd. Zaki Mahyudin and Director of Perak Youth and Sports Department, Mohd Soufi Mohd Ibrahim.

by Rosli Mansor


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