Toyriffic Mini Carnival Vol 2

In conjunction with the upcoming Halloween celebrations, Toyeban will be organising its second Mini Carnival event at Aeon Mall Kinta City Ipoh on October 22 and 23. This promises to be their biggest and most encompassing event yet.

Beginning with a Warhammer 40K and tabletop games showcase in late September, they held their first Mini Carnival at the start of October, where they not only continued to showcase tabletop games and had free painting classes, but also covered different facets of the Hobbying Community.

They had racing tracks for Hot Wheels, toy booths that featured products from Hasbro, Bandai and others, and even a showcase for 3D Printing.

But perhaps most impressive of all was the Walkabout Cosplay event. Where up to 30 free gifts were handed out for anyone who cosplayed to the event. According to organisers of the Mini Carnival, over 120 cosplayers ended up registering at the event.

This second Mini Carnival will ramp things up even further as not only will it bring back all of the above, but it’ll also be featuring an E-Sport event on the first day (October 22), with prizes to be won.

Not only will the event feature more sellers for toy collectors, but this time, cosplayers will have more ample time to prepare their wonderful costumes. And they’ll want to join in too, because this time, there are over 100 free gifts to be given out for those who participate in the Cosplay Gathering on the second day (October 23).

October’s shaping up to be an eventful month for Hobbyists of all types. With people finally venturing out since the Covid-19 pandemic, C2AGE recently had their first event in over 5 years. They also featured a vibrant cosplay scene, alongside the big brothers of cosplay, the 501st Legion via the Official Star Wars Malaysia Fan Club (SWMFC), who sportingly worked together with the Star Wars The Black Series Malaysia Fans Club to bring us the following “Star Wars Selfies”.

Alison Loong and family

Founder and CEO of Toyriffic, Isqandar Afif, said that he hopes to steer Ipoh toward becoming a Hobbyist destination; adding tourism value to the city.

“Ipoh shouldn’t just be considered a place to retire. There’s a lot of young and extremely talented people here.

by KT Leong

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