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In the Oct 14 edition, Ipoh Echo reported that Yayasan Ipoh (YI) will be hosting a “Science Meets Society” event on October 30 (Sunday) at their centre in Bercham. The event will be inaugurated by Datuk Dr. Mohd Yusuf Sulaiman, CEO and President of MIGHT and presided over by the Vice President for Research and Development, Prof. Faidz, as well as feature other guests from the scientific community as well as plenty of exhibit booths to engage adults and children alike.

But some readers might be wondering, what is Yayasan Ipoh (YI) precisely? You may have heard of them, but you might not know what services they offer to the community. For some background on Yayasan Ipoh (YI), you should check out our previous article here.

The Ipoh Echo article in the previous link gives a very good overview of Yayasan Ipoh (YI). Although it should be noted that Hydrotherapy has resumed since that article was published.

Today I’d like to talk more about the actual experience of visiting the centre. It’s easy enough to talk about what facilities are available, but what are the impressions you’ll get when you get there?

My first impression was that the guard was quite diligent in making sure that I had legitimate business being there, so I felt security and privacy were respected there.

After my meeting in their offices, I was given a tour of the facilities. My guide, Linda, came from a hospitality background, so it was an inviting experience, whereby I didn’t feel rushed or that any inquiries I had would be brushed off.

As I toured the grounds, I found that the design was overall pleasant for both children and adults, with plenty of natural lighting and no darkened corner. Everything was clean and well-maintained.

Believe it or not, but these things are important. As someone from the 80s, my mental impression of medical facilities is that they are dreary and the staff are difficult to deal with. Given that Yayasan Ipoh (YI) caters to people with disabilities, autism and others, an environment and personnel that doesn’t intimidate the patient, but puts them at ease, is very valuable.

Although I’m just an ordinary person, I can see that the equipment are top notch and the treatments are well thought out. The one room that really caught my eye was one with a floor plan that was pretty much the same as an apartment, complete with a bedroom, work or study area, seat or dining area and so forth.

Linda explained to me that children with autism could have trouble with life skills, “kemahiran hidup”, if you will. So the room was to simulate a real world living environment.

This really shows how well thought out all their planning is. It’s one of those obvious things that you wouldn’t really think about. Of course children with autism would need a real world environment to hone their skills!

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, are the staff attitude. And well, everything starts from the top.

In speaking with the CEO of Yayasan Ipoh, Dato’ Dr Ramanathan Ramiah, I find him to be soft spoken yet eloquent, and quite personable. He knows what he’s talking about but he puts you at ease, rather than intimidate you. He cares about the people who need Yayasan Ipoh’s help. And the staff I’ve briefly met with have all been warm and personable, while also being professional as well.

The facilities being top notch is good. But the people and environment are also important. You don’t want to check yourself in, or to send your children, to a place where you feel like you’re being “committed” like a criminal. It needs to put you at ease so that each visit isn’t a struggle or sacrifice. You need to be confident that you’re getting professional treatment and not “reject” treatment.

But you should decide for yourself. You can call them at 012-8512412 or better yet, come over to Yayasan Ipoh (YI) this coming Sunday at Bercham, Lot 158413, Lorong Bercham 11, 31400 Ipoh, Perak. See for yourself what they can offer you or your loved ones, and at the same time, educate and enjoy yourself with your family at the Science Meets Society event.

by KT Leong

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