Toyriffic Mini Carnival Vol. 2 held at AEON MALL Kinta City

Toyeban held their second Anime, Comic & Games (ACG) event at AEON MALL Kinta City recently. The 2-Day Toyriffic Mini Carnival Vol. 2 saw the event area absolutely jam-packed with participants, enthusiasts, families and curious passersbys.

The Toyriffic Mini Carnivals encompass the whole spectrum of pop culture hobbyism, from toy collecting to cosplay to card gaming. For collectors, a number of vendors had their rare vintage wares available for purchase and free gaming sessions were available for those who wanted to try their hand at trading card games (TCG) like Cardfight!! Vanguard.

These games have a bit of a learning curve, but that’s where Toyriffic staff come in, as they would walk you through how to play the game. TCG like Cardfight !! Vanguard are pretty easy to learn and enjoy, but mastering them is no easy feat, as it requires skills like creativity, logic and yes, a little luck. “Luckily”, while you can’t do anything about luck, playing these games actually helps in training for creativity and logic.

But the highlight of the event this time, was undisputedly the Cosplay Walkabout. Learning from their previous event, this time, the Toyriffic Mini Carnival gave ample time for cosplayers to get ready their outfits and gather up to strut their stuff. Resulting in a festival that ran through the day and never lost its steam.

It was fun for the whole family, and not just enthusiasts, as the founder and CEO of Toyriffic, Isqandar Afif, talked about how some parents had come up to him to personally thank him for the fun and happy memories they were able to have with their children at the event.

“Yes, it’s not for me, it’s for them. I organised this for my hometown, to prove that Ipoh isn’t just a pensioner’s paradise.”


The cosplay portion of the event culminated in a cosplay contest with over 150 participants. Only 100 had registered online, with the balance registering on-location, to say nothing of the casual cosplayers just spectating. All participants received gifts from Toyriffic and AEON MALL Kinta City with the winners receiving hampers from AEON MALL Kinta City. The main winner was a cosplayer in an excellent Kamen Rider Faiz costume, complete with his signature Faiz Pointer.

Toyeban’s next event is tentatively scheduled for December 24 and 25, also at AEON MALL Kinta City. You can also check them out at Booth P100 this Saturday, at the Star Vendors Perak Fest event at Ipoh Convention Centre. Parents should bring their children as there will be a meet and greet with some superhero cosplayers.

by KT Leong

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