Dato’ Tomiyasu Ushiama awarded Foreign Minister’s Commendation

By KT Leong

Dato’ Tomiyasu Ushiama received the Foreign Minister’s Commendations 2022 from the Consul-General of Japan in Penang, Mr. Kawaguchi Yoshiyasu, on 14 December, at the latter’s official residence.

The Certificate of Commendation by the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan, Mr. Yoshimasa Hayashi, was actually ready by August 10 this year, but had to be delayed until mid-December due to the Covid situation.

Dato’ Tomiyasu Ushiama is one of 197 recipients for the commendation from Malaysia this year, whereby the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan extends his deepest regards to the recipient (Dato’ Tomiyasu Ushiama), in recognition of his distinguished service in promoting mutual understanding between Japan and Malaysia, thus contributing to promoting friendly relations between the two countries.

Dato’ Tomiyasu Ushiama had been playing a leading role in strengthening the ties between Japan and Malaysia for the past five decades and was among the first Japanese entrepreneurs in Malaysia, who helped foster good relations via the Perak Malaysian-Japanese Friendship Society, Perak Japanese Saturday School and Ipoh Japanese Cemetery.

Sent to Ipoh in 1969 from Sagami Japan as part of a joint venture, Sagami Industries Sdn. Bhd. started production in 1973 after sorting out all the documentation and regulations.

In 1975, the Embassy of Japan requested Dato’ Tomiyasu to take on the care of the Japanese Cemetery in Ipoh.

In 1981, he, alongside Dato’ Hew Choy Kon and Mr. Teng Khai Weng, were founding members of the Ipoh branch of the Penang Malaysian-Japanese Society, which was renamed to Perak Malaysia-Japanese Friendship Society in 1986. The society was established to further foster mutual understanding and friendship between the two countries and conducted Japanese language classes, origami classes, speech contests, the Bon Odori Festival and other activities throughout the years.

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