Gopeng Glamping Park gains recognition

By Rosli Mansor

Gopeng Glamping Park received recognition when it was given the MS 2610:2015 Muslim Friendly Hospitality Services For Accommodation (Glamour Camping Tents) Food and Beverages, Recreational and Adventure Activities certification.

This popular location located in Gopeng is the third camping site in the world within the Glamor Camping Tents category to receive the certification

This places this camping centre as a camping site that is in a class of its own and will definitely provide added value to this company in its continuing growth.

The company’s high commitment as well as MARA’s initiative through grant facilities for the Entrepreneur Certification Programme – Business Enrichment, Standardisation and Transformation (BEST) also helped the company’s efforts to obtain the certification.

This certificate of appreciation was presented by the Deputy Director General (Entrepreneurship) of MARA, Dato’ Zulfikri Osman, during a recent visit to the campsite.

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