Landslide: Bukit Larut resort area closed

By Rosli Mansor

The Bukit Larut resort area has been temporarily closed due to a landslide yesterday afternoon.

The incident that happened around 3pm resulted in the area’s main route being blocked by earth and fallen trees.

Through information shared on Bukit Larut Resort’s Facebook, all the staff were stranded on the way down from the station and the accommodation bungalow at Kilometre 10.

The landslide incident involved the areas before Watermelon up to Pondok 1.

The Taiping Municipal Council (MPT) informed that following the incident, the resort area has been completely closed from any activity to avoid risk.

“The expected period of closure will be notified after a safety assessment is made, especially from the Public Works Department (JKR),” he said.

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