Roaming livestock: Owners are advised to be responsible

By: Aida Aziz

The indifferent attitude of some farm animal owners who deliberately leave their animals unattended in Kuala Trong, is described as irresponsible.

Member of the Trong State Legislative Assembly (ADUN), Faisal Abdul Rahman stressed that the issue plaguing residents and road users in the area is not new.

He said it was also saddening when the problem also caused frequent road accidents, resulting in fatalities.

“The animals have no sign of ownership and no enclosure. The owners allow them  to roam through garden paths and roads.

“Road accidents often occur because of these animals, which involve lives and property,” he said in a post on Facebook.

He said, when there is an accident, no insurance can be claimed.

He also said that the breeders cannot remain silent because the value of life and property cannot be paid.

“My order for Muslim farmers is to remember that there are sins and rewards in our life affairs.

“We should be responsible and sensitive to the community and not cause problems for everyone,” he said.

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