The Perak government allocated RM15,000 for temple cleanliness

By Balqis Jazimah Zahari

The Perak government allocated RM15,000 to carry out cleaning work in and around the Sri Subramaniyar Temple, Kallumai Gunung Cheroh.

The chairman of the Health, Human Resources, Integration and Indian Community Affairs Committee of the state, A Sivanesan said, the allocation was given to the temple and will be distributed to the parties responsible for managing the cleanliness aspect.

“For the cleaning work, as much as RM15,000 will be given to the temple and the temple must distribute the money to the volunteers; non-governmental organisations (NGOs) that participate in cleaning the temple.

“I gave the RM15,000 to clean the surrounding of the temple including the nearby roads, not only in the temple but the temple grounds should also be cleaned,” he told a press conference after attending a prayer ceremony at the temple in conjunction with the celebration of the Thaipusam festival at the temple yesterday.

He said this was because he did not want any complaints about irresponsible people who throw garbage everywhere around the temple.

Meanwhile, Sivanesan said, the temple aims for 400,000 to attend the Thaipusam celebration at the temple in the three days from Sunday until today.

“The celebration of this festival will last at least three days until tomorrow (today).

“The temple is aiming for many to attend because Saturday and Sunday are public holidays and tomorrow (today) is a public holiday, as well as the Thaipusam festival this time being celebrated with enthusiasm after the Covid-19 pandemic,” he said.

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