Issue of stray dogs in Manjoi a threat to the safety of residents

Edit: A letter of response to the below issue can be found here.

BY: Aida Aziz

The issue of stray dogs disturbing public order around the Manjoi State Assembly is seen to be escalating and causing injury to residents.

According to Manjoi State Assemblyman, Hafez Sabri, among the hot spots that frequently involve the issue include Chepor, Chemor, Klebang and Meru.

“The stray dog ​​issue around Manjoi State Assembly is becoming more dangerous, causing injuries to the local community.

“I have received many reports related to the issue of stray dogs that disturb the public and many pet cats have died due to stray dogs.

“I went down myself to see the area where stray dogs are roaming which is disturbing the people in the Manjoi State Assembly area.

“The latest case of a girl falling from a motorbike ridden by her grandmother while strolling in a housing estate, this child fell because her shirt was bitten by two stray dogs from behind,” he said in a post on Facebook today.

He explained that the case happened around Taman Tawas Mewah near Kg Sri Klebang.

He emphasised that the victim also suffered a broken hand and wounds in several parts of the body.

Hafez said again, he wants this issue to be resolved immediately by the authorities before worse incidents occur.

“Anyone who lives in Manjoi state assembly, especially those who want to report on the issue of stray dogs, can tell me the specific location where it happened so that I can take this complaint to the authorities,” he said.

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