Letter in response to stray dogs issue at Manjoi

By Malika Ramiah Oates
Noah’s Ark Ipoh.

Responding to the Ipoh Echo article: Issue of stray dogs in Manjoi a threat to the safety of residents

It is very distressing to hear about the stray dog issues with residents in Manjoi. I can understand their frustrations. The stray dog population is not being handled well in Ipoh. This is an ongoing problem. Catching the stray dogs and relocating them is not going to solve the problem. It is actually making it worse. The dogs continue to breed and the population increases. Noah’s Ark Ipoh Animal Welfare has been asking the councils to advocate neutering. This is the only way to stop the population increase. NAI has also asked the councils to look into pet responsibility.  To get owners to neuter their pets. NAI know owners who have abandoned their puppies once their dog becomes pregnant and delivers. This is an increasing problem. NAI has asked the councils to have awareness days on stray issues for both cats and dogs. We have asked councils and given them information to print leaflets asking owners to neuter their dogs. There are many proposals given to the authorities.

The Manjoi issue has to be addressed as it involves the local people. NAI hopes that whatever method is used it will be humane and the animals are not destroyed.

Maybe the council can look into providing a fenced up piece of land and placing dogs there. Work with the NGOs to feed the trapped dogs there and work with Jabatan Haiwan (Perak Department of Veterinary Services) to neuter and treat the dogs.

All this is achievable if the authorities work with the local NGOs.

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