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By Anne Das 

This inconspicuous cafe has been around since 2015 and their business is still looking good. Offering an array of local homemade delights, Second Mama Red Bean Ice is al family run business and was initially situated in Concubine Lane and recently moved to 27, Jalan Market, Old Town, where they are now.

They are popular for their breakfast and lunch specialities such as Kai Si Hor Fun (RM8.90), Curry Mee (RM10.90), Assam Laksa (RM 8.90), Handmade Pan Mee (RM7.90) and Spicy Pork Leg with Rice (RM11).  The dishes here are wholesome, with a clean taste and full of flavour!

Kai Si Hor Fun
Curry Mee
Assam Laksa
Spicy Pork Leg Rice

Red Bean also known as azuki bean, aduki bean or red mung bean, these beans are commonly used in Asian cuisine. Rich in iron, phosphorus, and potassium, it is an excellent source of protein and fibre.  Red bean ice is a drink commonly found in Hong Kong and is a popular dessert everywhere in Ipoh. The standard ingredients include adzuki beans, light rock sugar syrup, evaporated milk with an option to top it off with ice-cream.

The Hero item in this family run cafe is the Red Bean ice drink (RM6.90)

Often eaten as a dessert, it has a naturally sweet flavour that both complements and thickens a great number of dishes. Red bean cakes and pastries, ice creams, and dumplings, are very popular, and red bean ice joins the rank. So long as the beverage is cold and contains red beans and dairy stirred together, it can properly be called “Red Bean Ice.”

In addition to the “in demand items” this place serves one of the best homemade caramel custards’ (RM4.20) I have eaten, quite similar to the one in popular Thean Chun. The French, English, Spanish and the Japanese, all claim to be the original inventors of the dish, nevertheless I was in ‘seventh heaven’ with this sweet custard and its distinctive crown of glorious caramel sauce.

Homemade Caramel Custard

Second Mama Red Bean Ice also offers homemade desserts like Taiwanese AiYu/ Ai Yi Jelly (RM6.90) which by itself, is tasteless as it mostly consists of water. This dessert is usually paired with honey, lemon, and dried figs to give it a sweet and citrusy flavour. The texture is really what makes this Asian snack fun to eat, chewy, gel-like and slithers down your throat. The Lin Chee Kang (RM 6.90) and Cendol (RM6.90) were also good.

Lin Chee Kang
AiYu/ Ai Yi Jelly


The next time you are wandering around Old Town and not sure what to eat, add this charming little family run outlet to your list, you will be surprised at the quality of food and the warm service at Second Mama Red Bean Ice. 

Operation hours

* Non-Halal

Monday – Sunday    : 9am – 5pm (Open daily)
Address                   : 27, Jalan Market 30000, Ipoh Perak.
Contact                    : 018-572 7286

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