Launch of Automated Drive-Thru Recycling center ‘Trash4cash’

By Balqis Jazimah Zahari
Photo: MBI

IPOH: Ipoh City Council (MBI) and Majuperak Utilities Management Sdn Bhd (MUMSB) launched the first ‘Trash4cash’ Automatic Drive-Thru Recycling Center in Perak today.

The mayor of Ipoh, Datuk Rumaizi Baharin said, the establishment of this recycling center proves the commitment of MBI and the determination of the MUMSB company to create a clean, healthy and prosperous environment for the local residents.

“This collaboration is seen as a right step to realize MBI’s desire towards the recognition of Ipoh as a ‘Smart and Green City’ 2030.

“In line with the era of ‘Green and Digital Technology’, the operation of this ‘Trash4cash’ Recycling Center will fully use digital applications and solar energy for the purpose of registration, monitoring and communication, collection and payment as well as information on recycling activities,” he said.

He was present to launch the automated drive-thru recycling center at Padang Lintau, Manjoi,l here today.

Also present were MUMSB Chief Executive Officer, Azmi Amin Sarji, MBI Council Member, Councilor Ahmad Khair Faizal Yahaya, City Secretary, Ahmad Munir Ishak.

Rumaizi said, this recycling center will operate without workers every day, 24 hours, seven days and 365 days a year on a ‘Do It Yourself’ basis.

“However, to ensure smooth operations, conventional methods such as putting names and phone numbers on adhesive tape will also be used to facilitate all levels of society to use this facility.

“MBI is confident that as the first digital recycling platform in the state that has been operating since 2020, this Trash4cash application has gone through the development, operation and improvement phases and it is capable of bringing added value and positive stimulation to Solid Waste Management at MBI and in the state of Perak,” he said.

He said, the detailed information provided by this application will be used accordingly, to develop related facilities in the future.

“In addition to the lauching of the Trash4cash Automated Drive-Thru Recycling Center, MBI also decided to use the same application for door-to-door collection of recyclable materials.

“Where the community and industry can apply for the collection of recyclable materials and get a cash reward online within 48 hours,” he said.

According to him, however, MBI does not prevent existing recycling industry players from continuing business activities as usual.

He added that in order to boost this recycling activity and as a commitment to ‘MBI Walk the Talk’, the management and all MBI citizens will participate in the personal accident insurance protection scheme ‘Trash4protection’ which uses recycled materials as a premium payment.

“This scheme is able to help people who cannot afford to have a basic personal health protection scheme, and at the same time take care of the sustainability of the environment.

“All levels of society that will use this facility are fully expected to ensure that the surrounding area of ​​the Recycling Center is clean at all times,” he said.

He said, corporate companies are also advised to participate together to make this environmental sustainability program a success by building more Automatic Drive-Thru Recycling Centers around MBI’s administrative area.

“Hopefully all these efforts will realize the desire to make Ipoh a ‘Smart and Green City’ in 2030 and ensure that the agenda of transforming the community’s mind towards cultivating the practice of recycling will be achieved,” he said.

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