Panorama Tambun Perdana Issue: Discuss alternatives to solve the risky U-turn issue

By Balqis Jazimah Zahari

IPOH: A discussion will be held to find an alternative as a short-term solution regarding the risky U-turn issue on the route near Panorama Tambun Perdana here.

Ipoh City Council’s (MBI) City Engineering Director, Azman Harun, said that his side took note of the complaints of the public who were faced with the issue, especially during peak hours.

He said, his party is currently looking at some improvements for residents to be able to use the alternative of making a U-turn at the location.

“This road is actually still under construction, so we are aware (the U-turn issue).

“It’s just that, now that we are in this construction period (congestion and distance) we have to deal with it.

“However, in the near future we will also discuss what space is available to make it easier for residents to make a U-turn there,” he said in a recent press conference.

Azman said that his side gave assurances that the U-turn which is currently under construction will be safer for residents to use.

“Now, for safety we will allow to make a U-turn a little further forward until you reach Pekan Tambun for a while.

“But when the real U-turn is completed, it will be safer for the residents,” he said.

Meanwhile, Ipoh Mayor Datuk Rumaizi Baharin said the entire construction project in the area which started in April last year is expected to be completed in September this year.

“This issue is indeed temporary, because of the duration of the construction work and it is expected to be completed this September. So when it is completed there maybe no problem.

“We have already discussed and reported with the Sunway contractor, so I think in the near future I will ask what solution they can make regarding this (U-turn) issue,” he said.

Ipoh Echo previously reported that residents of the Panorama Tambun Perdana area are filled with dread each time they set out of their homes.

This area includes the luxury homes, Dales and the Skyhome Apartments

The predicament is due to the diversion of traffic which does not allow residents to turn into their Taman.

A year ago Ipoh City Council (MBI) and Sunway City Ipoh Sdn. Bhd. started a collaboration on the Jalan Tambun upgrade project at a cost of RM16.35 million. The cost would comprise road construction, land acquisition and appointment of consulting engineers.

This project starts from the Jalan Persekutuan 240 (Ampang – Jelapang) entrance junction to the Taman Perpaduan traffic lights junction, about 5.2 kilometres away.

This includes replacing 5 existing traffic light intersections with U-turn lanes at three locations and repaving of roads, installation of road safety facilites and upgrading of drainage system.

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