Perak Set Three Payment Options For Zakat Fitrah

BY: Zaki Salleh

IPOH – The zakat fitrah (an obligatory form of alms-giving required of every able Muslim) rate in Perak this year is set at three payment options which are RM7, RM14 and RM21.

The determination was decided through the Perak State Fatwa Committee Meeting.

However, the minimum payment by each individual who is obligated to pay zakat fitrah is as much as RM7.

“Encouraged for those who use fragrant rice or similar or equivalent amounting to RM14.

“For those who use basmathi rice or something similar or equivalent amounting to RM21,” said Chief Executive Officer of the Perak Islamic Religious and Malay Customs Council (MAIPk), Shahrul Azam Shaari.

He said, payment can be made through amil zakat (entrusted zakat fitrah money collector ) at the counters either in mosques, suraus, and places where people gather.

“In addition to that, they can also pay at shopping complexes, open markets, petrol stations and business premises as well as selected government or private offices.

“Payment of zakat fitrah can also be carried out through amil  appointed by mosque parishioners who move from house to house,” he said.

This is to make it easier for parishioners to perform zakat worship, especially the elderly.

Payment of zakat fitrah can be made through the choice of FPX MAIPk payment medium by visiting, GoPayz, Shopee, Maybank2u, SnapNPay applications and on the website

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