MBI will improve the weaknesses of the Ipoh Padang Panjut Festival

By Aida Aziz

IPOH: Complaints from the public regarding the issue of the ‘panjut’ not lighting as they should in Padang Ipoh recently, received the attention of the Ipoh Mayor.

According to Datuk Rumaizi Baharin, he was aware of the weaknesses that occurred during the panjut festival organized in the area from the end of Ramadan to April 24.

“We are aware (complaints) that the extension program for this year is just an experiment before it is continued next year.

“The most important thing about this panjut festival is for next year in conjunction with the Year of Visiting Perak 2024, this year if there are any weaknesses we will see how to improve the management of the panjut.

“Perhaps we have to make sure there are people who can be ready to take care of the flame to make sure it stays alive and doesn’t go out,” he said.

He said this in commenting on the issue of the Ipoh Padang Panjut Festival which started from 15 to 24 April, which was allegedly not as beautiful as it was portrayed.

Most of the feedback from the public said that the location was not suitable in addition to the panjut being extinguished without supervision from the MBI, thus causing the atmosphere there to be bland.

There are also those who are disappointed because the panjut festival, which should be as lively as advertised, does not reflect the real situation, thus stopping people from taking pictures of memories.

Previously, Rumaizi said the panjut festival which was organized for the first time at the iconic location of Padang Ipoh will be included in the tourism calendar in conjunction with the Year of Visiting Perak 2024.

He said, among other things, the program aims to promote the panjut tradition in this city to the public, which was previously more synonymous in Kuala Kangsar.

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