Shocking Truth Unveiled: Bungalow Serves as Hotbed of Immoral Activities

By: Zaki Salleh
Photo: Wat Kamal Abas

BAGAN SERAI – An old abandoned bungalow here is believed to be used as a place to carry out occult activities for predicting “nombor ekor” or lottery numbers by irresponsible parties.

The two-story house is believed to have been built during the British era.

Upon entering the house, dozens of empty glass bottles were found, believed to be rose water containers for the ritual of predicting the “nombor ekor”.

In addition, embers were found from the lit incense that had been left in the area.

Based on some of the findings, including a tattered mat in the back bedroom near the toilet, it is believed that cult activities took place in the bungalow.

Meanwhile, the interior of the house is mostly overgrown with large trees while the upper floor has collapsed, along with the stairs.

An area resident, Mohamed Arif Amin, 55, said, if it is true that there is a cult for “nombor ekor”, it needs to be stopped.

“If that happens, monitoring needs to be done to prevent people who are interested in the mystical atmosphere from doing bad things and contradicting the religion in this village,” he said.

Meanwhile, the old house is also often associated with mysterious and frightening events among the residents.

But a resident who only wanted to be known as Siva, 65, said that the old house had existed since before he was born.

“To the best of my knowledge, this bungalow was once occupied by two or three people but after that, it was empty and abandoned,” he said.

According to him, he had heard various scary stories associated with the house, however, he didn’t care about it.

“I have heard stories that the bungalow house is haunted, but that is not true, nothing has happened since I have lived in this area since I was born,” he said.

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