Bindhu Restaurant

Where Vegetarian Food Is an Experience

by Anne Das

As an Indian, I’ve grown up with the aroma of spices and the taste of traditional cuisine. So, when I heard of Bindhu Restaurant opening in Ipoh, I was excited to experience their vegetarian offerings. And let me tell you, it was a culinary journey worth taking.

Firstly, let’s talk about the ambiance. It’s spacious and clean with white walls and fluorescent lighting. (Not my favourite choice of lighting for dinner) BUT the food sure made up for the aesthetics. The staff were attentive, hospitable, and knowledgeable in the variety of offerings available here.

The Bindhu Team in their semi ‘open kitchen’ concept– Ready to serve people In Ipoh

The real magic is in the food. Their Head Chef, Ramachandra (in white, pic above) from Madurai has been making vegetarian food for more than 15 years and has worked for the group for 4 years now.  He ensures the standard of the dishes produced here are of good quality and consistent in its taste.

This is Bindhu Restaurant’s second outlet after KL,  and they serve a plethora of plant-based dishes, each with its unique flavours and textures. As someone who isn’t a vegan, I can honestly say that the food here is exceptional and not just for those who have sworn off animal products.

Bindhu’s Vegetarian banana leaf rice is a popular lunch choice here. The combination of rice, curries, different veggies, rasam, and side dishes makes for a flavourful and healthy lunch

One of the must- tries here is the Vegetarian  Banana Leaf Rice Set, which is served during lunch hours. The meal comes with rice, a variety of vegetables & curries, and all the right condiments for a balanced meal. It’s a heavenly blend of spices, and the aroma alone will make you salivate.

Another delicious dish is the Paruppu Podi:- If you haven’t encountered ‘Podi’ before, you should know that it’s a dry spice blend popular in India, one that is sprinkled on food to spike the flavour profile of a dish. It is usually a combination of lentils such as split Bengal, black gram, sesame seeds, curry leaves, spices like chilli, black pepper, and cumin. Podi has a nutty and slightly spicy flavour which is addictive and is a match made in heaven when paired with the rich Ghee Dhall or otherwise known as Paruppu( As seen in the pic below)

“Podi” – Some call it the ‘Flavour Bomb’ . This Indian spice mix comes in many different formulations, and is wonderful for sprinkling on idlis, dosas, and even buttered toast and/or rice.

Parapoo Podi – (video)

And for dinner, opt for their Ghee Dosa/ Thosai which tasted homemade and yummy! It’s a thin and crispy rice and lentil crepe cooked with ghee and served with three different chutneys: coconut, Chickpea curry and pudina. The pudina chutney is a standout, with its minty and creamy texture. I had seconds on this!

Ghee Thosai (RM3.9) with a Sukku Malli Bru Coffee (RM3.9)

They offer a variety of beverages, including fresh juices, lassi, and tea. But the one that stole the show for me was the Masala Tea O.’ It’s a piping hot, spiced black tea with ginger and is a perfect aid for digestion after a rich meal.

Bindhu Restaurant serves two types of menus: one for lunch, which is the Banana Leaf Set, and another menu that starts at 3:30 pm called Tiffin Meals. The Tiffin Meals typically consist of Poori, Chapati, Roti Canai, a variety of Tosai, and rasam rice to choose from. Priced between (RM2.90 – RM 4.50)

Please note: No Banana Leaf Meals after 3.00 pm.

Side dishes come in little silver plates, available for lunch add Ons

In terms of pricing, Bindhu Restaurant is very affordable with generous portions. The Banana Leaf Set costs RM12.90, and additional side dishes such as Vege Butter Masala Chicken (RM6), Vege Mutton (RM6), Vege Anchovies (RM4.50), and Tofu (RM4.50) each.

Crispy Poori Option for Tiffin Dinner (Rm2.9) – This is not a typo!

For those who appreciate vegetarian cuisine and those who want to explore something new, give this restaurant a shot. As someone who isn’t a vegan, I can say with certainty that I will be back for more.

Pssst: Don’t forget….. After the meal, fold the banana leaf inwards as a sign of satisfaction with the eatery’s meal.

Bindhu Vegetarian Restaurant

Location          : Greentown Business Center, Near Maxis.
Address          : No 6, Persiaran 8, Greentown, 30450, Ipoh. Perak

Operation Hours:
11.30am – 3pm (Banana Leaf Meals)
3.30pm – 9pm (Tiffin Meals)

Contact            : 05-8300306

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