Rescue Team Saves Toddler Trapped Inside Car

By: Aida Aziz

Kampar: A feat of heroism unfolded today as the fire department came to the aid of a 2-year-old girl trapped inside a Perodua Myvi car near a local store in Kampar.

Mohamadul Ehsan Mohd Zain, the Assistant Director of Operations for the Perak Fire and Rescue Department, revealed that it is believed the child was accidentally locked inside the vehicle when her mother briefly stepped out to make a purchase.

“The fire department received the distress call at 5:34 p.m., prompting the swift response of the Kampar Fire and Rescue Station,” explained Mohamadul Ehsan.

Upon arrival at the scene, the rescue team discovered that the young girl had been trapped for approximately 10 minutes. Using specialized equipment, the firefighters skillfully unlocked the car door.

“After about five minutes, we successfully opened the door and safely reunited the child with her mother,” Mohamadul Ehsan informed reporters on Thursday.

Led by Senior Fire Officer II Zahuri Zainal Abidin, the operation concluded at 5:43 p.m., leaving the community in awe of the firefighters’ professionalism and rapid response.

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