Two local men were arrested, involved in a series robberies in Ipoh

By Aida Aziz
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IPOH: Police arrested two local men believed to be involved in a series of robberies around the Ipoh and Jalan Kuala Kangsar area here yesterday

Ipoh District Police Chief, ACP Yahaya Hassan said that his party received a robbery case report from a 33-year-old female victim yesterday, in the Silibin industrial area.

He said the victim suffered a loss of property, including a handbag, mobile phone, ATM card, cash and personal documents with an estimated amount of RM650.

“As a result of the quick action and sensitivity of the police officers on the ground, the police have managed to arrest two local men.

“The 28- and 32-year-olds are believed to be responsible for the case on June 20, at around 9 a.m. on Jalan Kuala Kangsar, approximately 10 kilometers from the scene of the incident.

“The case is being investigated under section 395 of the penal code (robbery gang),” he told reporters last night.

He further explained that the police also managed to seize some case items, including the vehicle used by the suspect and items belonging to the victim when the arrest was made.

He also said that a urine screening test on both suspects found them positive for methamphetamine.

“In addition, a record check found that these two suspects have 17 and 11 records respectively in relation to various criminal cases.

“With the arrest of the suspects, this case has been successfully resolved.

“Now, the investigation team is identifying the number of robberies committed by this criminal group around Ipoh and these two suspects will be remanded on Wednesday (today) for further investigation,” he said.

He said that the police’s initial investigation found that these two suspects were responsible for at least seven cases of robbery reported around Ipoh, including one case of robbery causing injury involving a 73-year-old Canadian victim in Taman Ipoh on June 15.

The public can get help from police services by contacting the District Control Center (DCC) of the Ipoh District Police Headquarters which operates 24 hours a day at 05-254 2222.

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