Having trouble with math during SPM? Apparently 90,000 candidates did not pass this subject.

By Zaki Salleh

PETALING JAYA: Almost 90,000 candidates who sat for the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) examination last year failed the Mathematics subject while more than 52,000 did not pass English.

This is the finding of the SPM 2022 result analysis report by a non-governmental organization (NGO) for Malaysia.

It was obtained from a total of 373,974 who sat for SPM last year, 89,752 candidates (24.3 percent) failed in Mathematics while 52,674 candidates (14.3 percent) failed in English.

“For the past few years there has been an increase in community interest in education issues.

“The increase in public interest in this education issue is a positive indicator for the development of the country. At the same time, the community is also demanding more transparent information from the Ministry of Education (KPM),” the report said.

In the SPM 2022 Examination Analysis Report document published by the Malaysian Examinations Board (LPM) on June 8, it was stated that up to 10,097 or 2.7 percent of candidates had obtained all A’s.

“At the same time, up to 63,569 candidates did not succeed in obtaining a certificate or 15.7 percent of the 403,637 candidates who registered.

“However, the breakdown of the 63,569 candidates who failed to obtain this certificate was not disclosed to the public by LPM such as demographics, family economic status or the breakdown of candidates’ race,” he said.

The report further explained that up to 9,642 candidates also failed in the Malay subject while 23,358 candidates failed in the History subject.

“In addition, a total of 27,621 SPM 2022 candidates failed in the Science subject,” he added.

Meanwhile, the SPM 2022 analysis also shows that there are a total of 29,663 candidates who did not attend the examination.

“A total of 33,906 candidates (8.4 percent) did not succeed in obtaining a certificate because they did not pass in either the Malay language or History subjects,” he said.

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