MBI and PERKIP Held Majlis Ibadah Korban

By KT Leong
Photos from MBI Facebook

9 cows were dispatched in a Majlis Ibadah Korban (sacrificial ceremony) this morning.

The programme which was jointly organised by the Ipoh City Council (MBI) and MBI Islamic Welfare Association (PERKIP), was held at DR Seenivasagam Park, Ipoh.

The programme which began at 8.00 am was carried out in a cooperative manner.

A total of 150 MBI members were involved in the programme.

Also present in the programme were the Ipoh Mayor Dato’ Rumaizi Bin Baharin @ Md Daud, MBI Council Member, Senior Director, Head of Department and MBI members.

All the sacrificial meat was distributed to MBI officers and members.

It is hoped that the organisation of this Majlis Ibadah Korban will increase piety and create a harmonious atmosphere, a spirit of unity and cooperation between MBI members, while creating a sense of being grateful for all the blessings and sustenance bestowed by Allah SWT.

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