Imprisonment, fines can be imposed for unlicensed ads

By Zaki Salleh
Photo IPD Ipoh

TAIPING: A total of 747 unlicensed advertisements were taken down by the Taiping Municipal Council (MPT) during the month of May.

Of that number, 228 were bunting and 519 were posters.

The entire compound offer issued is 31 pieces totaling RM7,750.

Throughout the months of January to April, a total of 1,190 unlicensed advertisements were taken down with a compound offer of RM32,000.

Meanwhile, MPT in a statement informed that installing or raising banners, hangings and posters without approval is wrong.

According to the Advertisement Bylaws (Taiping Municipal Council) 2013, this action may be subject to a compound of RM250.

If convicted, a fine of up to RM2,000, imprisonment or both can be imposed.

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