KPDN busted a syndicate for diversion of subsidised diesel

By Balqis Jazimah Zahari
Photo KPDN

MANJUNG: Perak’s Ministry of Domestic Trade (KPDN) succeeded in busting a subsidised diesel oil diversion activity at a storage area, in the maintenance and construction of ​​Jalan Batu 20, Trong, yesterday

The Chief State Enforcement Officer of the Perak Ministry of Domestic Trade and Cost of Living, Mohamed Aznanshah Khalid said the raid was carried out by a team of officers and members of the Manjung Branch KPDN Enforcement Officer through an ‘Ops Tiris’ operation.

According to him, the operation carried out at about 4pm was the result of public information and investigation carried out by the intelligence team of the KPDN Manjung Branch for two weeks around Pekan Beruas and Trong.

“Investigation and observation results found that the modus operandi of this syndicate is to buy diesel fuel at petrol stations around Beruas at a subsidised price through the tank of a ground lorry repeatedly, up to eight times a day with an estimate of 600 litres per purchase.

“This subsidised diesel oil is believed to have been “misused” in road construction maintenance machines and machinery in the area to reduce business operating costs due to the cheaper price of commercial diesel oil,” he said in a statement last night.

Mohamed Aznanshah said, as a result of the inspection carried out on the premises, 5,200 litres of liquid suspected to be diesel fuel were found in the illegal storage area.

“A 35-year-old local man who was found at the scene of the incident has been arrested for further investigation.

“Preliminary investigations also found that this company had stored diesel oil without permission or a valid permit from the Malaysian Supply Controller.

“Accordingly, all items such as diesel oil, a lorry vehicle and some equipment and documents have been confiscated. The total value of the seizure is estimated at RM96,248,” he said.

He said those at the petrol station suspected of being involved in this activity have also been taken into custody yesterday and will be investigated under existing provisions, including the recommendation to cancel the licence if found to be complicit.

“The case will be investigated under the Control of Supply Act 1961 and the Control of Supply Regulations 1974,” he said.

He said, KPDN would like to issue a stern warning and insist that the Ministry will not compromise with any party found to be involved in activities of misuse of controlled goods such as subsidised diesel oil and will ensure stricter action including prosecution in court.

“The public/users are advised to be the eyes and ears of the authorities to channel information regarding the activities of diversion of controlled and subsidised goods,” he said.

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