A Brew-tiful Collision

Where Timber Meets Coffee in Perfect Harmony

by Anne Das

Embracing an environmentally friendly approach, Red Mountain Sun Yin Loong White Coffee provides a tranquil and eco-conscious ambience that is ever so captivating. You would never think to find a creative space like this in an industrial area in Menglembu!

By utilising sustainable materials and techniques, this café is a prime example of a ‘green space’ that prioritises the well-being of the planet in addition to transcending the ordinary.

From the largest decorative piece to the smallest utensil, every element is chosen with the theme, and guest experience in mind.

The café’s interior design thoughtfully evokes the natural beauty of its surroundings, creating an inviting atmosphere where patrons can unwind, socialise, and connect with nature. Conceived as a breath of fresh air after the pandemic, Red Mountain SYL offers guests a serene escape into the realm of creativity and wonder.

What sets this café apart is its ingenious integration within the grounds of a still-operating wood factory. It almost breathes in unison with the bustling craftsmen, creating an ambiance that celebrates raw authenticity and craftsmanship.

Partners in Sustainability ~ Wong Hoong Yang and Tan Kai Lek

The journey of  Red Mountain SYL began with Wong Hoong Yang, a visionary 4th generation restaurateur with an unwavering love for coffee and the arts. From a young age, Yang honed his passion while working diligently at his parents’ shop, the iconic Sun Yoon Loong kopitiam in Old Town, never realising that one day, this ardour would intertwine with an extraordinary industrial marvel.

The turning point in this café’s story came through when serendipity brought Yang and Tan Kai Lek, 3rd generation owner of the working factory in Menglembu together. United by their shared love for coffee and creativity, the concept of serving white coffee within a wood industrial setting was born.

Raw and rustic portrait of Tun Mahathir on display made solely by wood chips.

The result? A mesmerising blend of timber-inspired aesthetics and the tantalising allure of white coffee, making Red Mountain SYL White Coffee a place like no other. From the moment you step inside its wooden gates, you’ll be greeted by the raw, rustic, and unvarnished finishing of wood furniture, some reminiscent of tree trunks. It is as if nature itself has embraced the café in a warm and inviting hug.

Beautiful wood resembling tree trunks that line this area instilling a sense of calm and interconnectedness with nature

The ambience itself is a masterclass in creativity, with wooden elements adorning every corner. Rough, unvarnished, and unapologetically raw, the beautiful creations exude a certain aura of nostalgia and reverence for nature’s wonders.

A refreshing beverage served here is the Passionfruit & Lemon Spritzer

Beyond its enchanting ambiance, SYL White Coffee remains dedicated to sustainability and environmental consciousness. Forgoing traditional air conditioning, the café embraces eco-friendly air coolers to ensure guest comfort without compromising on their commitment to the environment. Most areas have window curtains that thoughtfully shields diners from the sun’s intensity on super sunny days.

One of the many sexy nooks for dine in

Creativity flourishes in every aspect of Red Mountain Sun Yin Loong White Coffee, evident in its diverse and delectable menu. Each dish boasts bold names that reflect the café’s playful spirit, tantalising the taste buds while igniting the imagination.

Some of the Local delights served up at Red Mountain SYL.

Whether seeking solace or socialisation, this café invites you to be part of a story that unfolds with nature and java in a setting that celebrates sustainability without compromising on comfort!

 Red Mountain Sun Yin Loong White Coffee

 Need a place to hold an event? Are you looking for a venue with a rustic and raw feel? Whether you are preparing for a corporate function, birthday parties or an art installation, this might just be the perfect spot for it!

Location          : Lot.59241, Bukit Merah Industrial Estate, Batu 4 1/2, 31450 Ipoh, Perak
Operations     : 8.30am – 5pm (closed on Tuesday; opens till 5.30pm on weekends)
Contact           : 011-6507 1937
Note              :  This café is Muslim Friendly (Surau available)

Mrs Wong is the third generation of Sun Yin Loong white coffee, proudly hand carving her 14foot long wood signboard at the factory.
This space is at the back of the café and is created specifically with events in mind. Vintage chairs from the golden age of cinema adorn the stage area, providing a magical setting for captivating performances and treasured memories.
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