ILI Cases Increase in Perak, Focused on Educational Institutions – Exco

BY: Aida Aziz

IPOH: The cases and outbreak of Influenza-Like-Illness (ILI) respiratory tract infections have shown an increase in the state of Perak, with the majority of cases concentrated in educational institutions, according to A Sivanesan, Chairman of the Human Resources, Health, Indian Community Affairs, and National Integration Committee.

He announced that the Larut Matang and Selama (LMS) district ranked first with 10 ILI cases, accounting for 33.3 per cent, followed by Bagan Datuk with five cases, which is 16.7 per cent.

He also suggested that the rise in the outbreak might be due to reduced use of face masks among symptomatic individuals and inadequate hand hygiene practices.

“Through monitoring of respiratory tract infection outbreaks, cumulatively for the year 2023, up to Epidemiological Week 30 (ending on July 29, 2023), a total of 30 respiratory tract infection outbreaks have been reported in Perak.

“In terms of outbreak locations, 73.3 per cent occurred in educational institutions, 16.7 per cent in private homes, and the remaining 10 per cent in other categories,” he stated.

He made these remarks during a media briefing after the Launching Ceremony of the Generic HIRARC for the Quarry Sector in the state of Perak, held on Tuesday.

Furthermore, he mentioned that clinical surveillance of ILI in Perak found an increase in the percentage of patient visits to clinics with ILI symptoms starting from Epidemiological Week 27.

He pointed out that this accounted for 14.19 per cent of the total patient visits to health clinics in Perak.

However, he clarified that until the end of July, the bed utilization rate for all diseases in hospitals in the state stood at 70.6 per cent.

“The hospital admission rate for all diseases in Perak has also decreased by 18.4 per cent compared to two weeks prior,” he added.

In light of this, he advised the public to always practice hygiene habits such as washing hands, avoiding crowded places when symptomatic, and using face masks in public spaces if necessary.

“If it’s necessary to be in public spaces, it’s advisable to wear a face mask and if you experience symptoms, seek medical examination and advice promptly.

“For children, parents should monitor by ensuring they don’t go to school if they are symptomatic and providing them with appropriate face masks,” he added.

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