Residents’ Complaints in Malim Nawar Township Settlement (RPT) to be Addressed

By: Zaki Salleh

KAMPAR – Several complaints raised by residents around Malim Nawar have caught the attention of Tualang Sekah State Assemblyman, Azlan Helmi, who also serves as the Perak State Executive Councillor for Communication, Multimedia, and NGOs.

The concerns centre around the Rancangan Perkampungan Tersusun (RPT) areas, specifically spanning RPT Tualang Sekah, RPT Tanjung Bangkung, and RPT Muhibah Malim Nawar.

Issues and complaints received by the Tualang Sekah State Assemblyman Service Center from each of these RPT areas are quite similar, notably involving the lack of drainage and access road problems.

In the case of RPT Muhibah, for instance, there’s no designated exit road from the respective lots when houses are built atop lots that serve as both housing and entry/exit routes.

“Meanwhile, in RPT Tanjung Bangkung, the challenge revolves around the distance of water supply connections from the source,” Azlan explained.

“To address all these issues, we’ve taken action by requesting the Rural Development Unit of the Land and District Office (PTD) Kampar to provide recommendations.

“Subsequently, we’ll prepare the necessary proposal promptly for financial allocation,” he stated.

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