Excitement Abounds at the 31st MATTA Fair Perak August 2023 with Over 100 Booths and Target Sales of RM23 Million!

By Balqis Jazimah Zahari

IPOH: The fervor of travel enthusiasts reached new heights as the curtains rose on the 31st Malaysian Association of Travel and Tourism Agents Exhibition (MATTA Fair) Perak August 2023. This two-day extravaganza, hosted at the sprawling Ipoh International Convention Center (IICC), boasts a staggering array of over 100 booths, promising visitors an immersive exploration of travel offerings.

Wendy Shin, the Chairperson of MATTA Perak Chapter, shared her exhilaration about the fair’s growth. Following a triumphant kickoff in February 2023, this August edition is set to transform Perak’s travel landscape. The fair, encompassing a sprawling 28,000 sqft of space, will fully occupy the hall, providing exhibitors with a canvas to showcase their enticing products.

“With the participation of more than 30 organizations and our valued partners, Tourism Perak and Tourism Pahang, our anticipations are high, envisioning a turnout of 20,000 visitors who will engage in transactions amounting to a remarkable RM23 million. Our attractive value packages and irresistible bargains are sure to kindle this success,” expressed Wendy Shin with conviction.

Notably, Wendy Shin emphasized the educational aspect of the event. She believes that MATTA Fair Perak will be instrumental in enlightening potential travelers about the array of regional and international destinations waiting to be explored.

“Intriguing tour packages, curated with enriching activities and top-notch services, have been thoughtfully prepared by our diligent travel agents to offer an unparalleled experience to our valued customers. We are not only confident in the immediate success of this MATTA Fair Perak but also have unwavering faith that it will pave the way for an ever-evolving MATTA Fair journey,” Wendy Shin proclaimed during the grand opening ceremony.

Wendy urged all attendees to partake in the much-awaited MATTA Fair Perak Buyer’s Contest, a beloved tradition. “As is customary, visitors who make purchases amounting to a minimum of RM300 will earn the chance to partake in our exciting lucky draw, with prizes that include splendid grand cruises, return air tickets, luxurious hotel vouchers, and coveted travel vouchers,” she added.

Reflecting on the evolving landscape of the travel industry over the past months, Wendy Shin acknowledged the necessity for MATTA to swiftly adapt its strategies to meet the evolving needs and challenges of travelers and the tourism sector.

“In a world where change is constant, MATTA and its dedicated members remain committed to staying ahead in the dynamic tourism sphere. We are confident that this edition of MATTA Fair Perak will not only set new benchmarks but will also lay the foundation for an even brighter and more promising future for MATTA Fairs,” Wendy Shin concluded.

The grand opening ceremony was graced by the presence of the Perak State Tourism, Industry, Investment & Corridor Development Committee Chairman, who officiated the event, encapsulating the excitement and promise of the 31st MATTA Fair Perak August 2023.

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