Mad about Yong Tau Fu & Curry Noodles @ Happy Corner Coffee-Shop, Ipoh

by Anne Das

Curry Noodles (RM7.5) Flavorful & full bodied, not too spicy with just the right amount of heat.

I guess I am one of those mad “foodies” who always has her eye on a bowl of curry mee. At Happy Corner Kopitiam, my cravings found their home. The curry here isn’t just a dish; it’s an experience – thick, creamy, and tantalisingly fragrant. Absolutely delicious in my books! And oh! The Yong Tau Foo is huge, delicious, and fried fresh upon order.

From the outside, the establishment looks just like any other coffee shop you see in Ipoh — tables and plastic chairs spilling out to the sidewalk in the morning, half-rolled up blinds providing shade for those seated within: all happily chowing down the noodles, stuffed bean curd or the many other offerings that this kopitiam has.

What set them apart, is its commitment to preserving the essence of homestyle cooking. Good Taste is just one of them. An unassuming corner stall situated in the Happy Corner Coffee Shop. It might not shout for attention, but it’s dishes especially the Curry Noodles and Yong Tau Fu – speak volumes with their honest and delicious flavours.

Pair the curry noodles with the Freshly fried Yong Tau Fu, and you have a meal that satisfies not only your hunger but also your heart. (Curry noodles – Rm7.5/ Yong Tau fu – RM 1.10 each)

If you are a curry lover like me, you are in for a treat. Good Taste’s curry mee is not about fancy presentations; it is about hearty goodness. The curry boasts a creamy texture and a mix of fragrant spices that make each spoonful comforting. It’s not too spicy, just the right amount to warm your soul.

Garnished with a sprig of fresh mint leaves and a little lime, it is served with noodles of your choice, a handful of bean sprouts, and do NOT forget to order your portion with their homemade caramelised barbecued pork (char siew) or Homemade Yummy Curry Chicken.

Yong Tau Fu here awaits your selection before being carted off to be refried or blanched in hot soup. This includes the universal stuffed bean curd, red & green chilies, yam bean fritters (sar kok liew), crispy bean curd sheets (foo pei) and fried wonton dumplings to name a few.

Run by a dynamic husband-and-wife duo,  they serve up tons of choice, pork balls, tofu, vegetables, and even chilli, all stuffed with flavorful fish paste. The must-order here is the excellent fried turnip. Imagine a very good, crunchy, and sweet version of fried radish, but better. These little creations are then fried to perfection, giving you a satisfying crunch on the outside and a burst of flavour on the inside.

These two aren’t stingy when it comes to ingredients. Whether you order their curry noodles, soup noodles or Yong tau fu, you’ll notice the abundance of goodness in every bite. It is a place where a meal tastes home-cooked, made with care and a touch of generosity.

Do take note that At Happy Corner Coffeeshop,  diners start filling up tables as early as 7.30am onwards, making it a hive of happy activity from about 8am to 1pm.

You can also find stalls selling Western Delights, Wan tan mee , Pan mee, Fish head noodles and Indian favourites such as roti and nasi lemak. Needless to say, you have to exercise some patience on most weekends before a table is available for you.


Address                                                      : 2, Jln Medan Ipoh 1C, Medan Ipoh Bestari.
Operating Hours                                      : 7 am to 3 pm (Closed on certain days)
Ling & Frankie (Good Taste)               : 016-412 0433
Happy Corner Coffee-Shop                    : 016-475-5475 (Eddie) / 012-3965316 (Matthew)

Good Taste Stall at Happy Corner Kopitiam reminds us that It’s about enjoying honest flavours and sharing a meal that warms both your stomach and your heart. So, if you’re in this side of town, give in to the call of simple yet satisfying food here.

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