Hidden Gem of Northern Perak: Ban Pecah’s Precious ‘Jewel’

BY: Aida Aziz

Parit Buntar, Perak: A captivating and unique spectacle unfolds in Ban Pecah, a locale in the northern region of Perak, where an enchanting blend of sea and paddy fields is separated by a meandering, cobblestone-laden road.

Rows of rocks strategically placed along the shoreline serve as a barrier against the waves and coastal erosion, creating an almost three-dimensional landscape.

The splendour of Ban Pecah, situated in Tanjung Piandang, Northern Perak, requires no introduction, as it has already earned renown for its distinctive geography.

Undoubtedly, this location is akin to paradise and the ultimate fishing haven for enthusiasts from all corners of Malaysia, thanks to the diverse species of fish, especially stingrays and rays, found here.

According to Kamaruddin Basari, a small-scale vendor in the vicinity of Ban Pecah, the upgrading efforts undertaken in the area have successfully revitalized tourism activities.

Nevertheless, after six years of managing his stall in this tourist hotspot, he believes there is room for improvement, including street lighting and recreational benches for visitors.

“Since the area was upgraded, it has contributed to the local economy and businesses. Before that, it was quite challenging to make RM70-RM80.

“The peak visitor days are usually from Friday to Sunday. Installing streetlights for nighttime safety would be beneficial, as the road is narrow and dark.

“If there are a few streetlights, it’s mostly for fishermen. Another shortcoming is the lack of benches because visitors have nowhere to sit and relax,” he noted.

Another resident, Norizah Said, 37, pointed out that the burgeoning tourism sector in Ban Pecah, offers income-generating opportunities for the community.

She suggested improvements such as widening the road, as it is too narrow for vehicles, with some parts only allowing the passage of a single car at a time.

“If there were gazebos or rest huts for visitors’ use, it would be better, providing areas for relaxation,” she said.

Meanwhile, Kuala Kurau State Assemblyman, Datuk Abdul Yunus Jamahri, revealed that upgrading works amounting to RM500,000 have been carried out to date, covering enhancements to vendor stalls and the open square in the area.

“With regard to street lighting, we have been pushing the local authorities (PBT) since last year. I believe it will be implemented alongside the upgrade project. As for benches and rest huts, there have been suggestions and requests from the public, but there are currently budget constraints.

“This area is bustling with fishing activities. Before COVID-19, an annual fishing program was organized here, but now it’s somewhat slower. It depends on the weather and certain seasons when the fish are abundant, particularly species like stingrays, barramundi, and rays,” he said.

He added that local fishermen are now seizing the opportunity to offer boat rental services to anglers heading to the prime fishing areas.

He estimated that the number of weekend or school holiday visitors could reach up to 4,000 people a day.

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