Let’s Drum Palo 2023

Set to Pave the Way for Visit Perak 2024

by Anne Das

In a crescendo of culture and rhythm, “Let’s Drum Palo 2023” took the historic streets of Tin Alley, Ipoh, by storm last weekend. This extraordinary outdoor percussion music fest, orchestrated by the Ipoh Drum Academy, was nothing short of a cultural extravaganza. At its heart were the remarkable performers—more than 80 artists who masterfully wielded the power of drums to unite hearts, bridging cultural divides and celebrating the rich tapestry of Malaysia’s percussion heritage.

These talented individuals and groups hailed from diverse cultural backgrounds, representing three major ethnic drumming styles: Malay, Indian, and the intricate 24 Festive Drums. Their captivating performances transported the audience on a rhythmic journey like no other. But the auditory feast didn’t end there; the event also featured special acts by a Pipa player, a Handpan artist, and a Wet Plate Photography expert, culminating in seven breathtaking performances that left attendees in awe.

As the echoes of their beats reverberated through the historic streets of Ipoh, “Let’s Drum Palo 2023” not only showcased the beauty of diverse traditions but also provided a platform for these talented artists to shine, solidifying its place as an event that honours Malaysia’s percussion culture with style and substance.

The centuries-old streets were brought to life by the enthusiastic energy of over 2,000 attendees. It was evident that this event had captured the hearts of locals and visitors alike. The presence of many VVIPs such as Minister of Local Government Development (KPKT) YB Nga Kor Ming, Perak State Exco for Tourism, Industry , Investment & Corridor Development YB Loh Sze Yee, and Deputy Speaker Perak State Legislative Assembly YB Jenny Choy added a touch of prestige to the occasion. Their recognition of the event’s importance in promoting local culture and tourism emphasised just how significant “Let’s Drum Palo 2023” had become in the cultural tapestry of Ipoh.

But what truly stole the show were the performances. Each act offered a unique journey through the world of drumming. From the thunderous beats of the Ipoh Bhangra Group’s Dhol drums to the enchanting rhythms of Kelab Kesenian Kompang dan Gamelan Noreasy Ipoh, the crowd was in for a treat. JB Drum’s fusion of tradition and innovation was nothing short of breathtaking, and Thong Yong How’s Handpan melodies were like a balm for the soul.

Steve Tan’s Wet Plate Photography added a nostalgic touch, capturing moments with a precision that transported us back in time. And Colin Wong’s Pipa performance was a testament to the universal language of music, bridging cultures effortlessly.

The highlight of the night was undoubtedly the fusion of martial arts and rhythm by the Pei Yuan High School 24 Festive Drums Team in “Huo Yuanjia.” It was an adrenaline rush that left everyone in awe of their incredible skill and dedication.

The event’s objective was clear: to showcase Malaysia’s rich ethnic percussion culture while reviving the atmosphere of Tin Alley. The organisers hit the bullseye with their goal, as Tin Alley pulsed with life and history like never before.

The positive outcomes of hosting this event in Ipoh’s historic Old Town were multifaceted.  It contributed to cultural preservation, tourism promotion, community strengthening, music education, and economic growth. Local businesses, like the shops on Jalan Bijeh Timah, thrived thanks to the influx of attendees, adding to the event’s positive impact.

One of the most significant announcements came from YB Nga Kor Ming, who declared that “Let’s Drum Palo” would be an official program of the Perak Tourism Year 2024. This recognition underscored the event’s role in promoting Ipoh’s rich cultural heritage to a wider audience.  His encouragement for residents to become ambassadors for Ipoh’s rich cultural heritage hinted at an even brighter future.

As we eagerly anticipate a bigger event in 2024, let’s remember that “Let’s Drum Palo 2023” was more than just a concert; it was a celebration that brought people together, honouring both the past and the present. We look forward to the next chapter in this rhythmic journey and the continued unity it promises to inspire.

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