TLDM won Perak State Open Innovation Award, Highlighting CTL innovation

By Aida Aziz
Photo TLDM

LUMUT: The Compact Tactical Light (CTL) innovation, contest in conjunction with the Perak State-level Innovation Day celebration, recently brought good fortune as the Royal Malaysian Navy Air Force Innovation Team was crowned the champion of the Open Innovation Award.

The CTL operates by reflecting halogen light in tactical mode, inspired by the experiences of aircrew and Special Naval Warfare Forces (PASKAL) involved in the MV Bunga Laurel hijacking incident during Operation Fajar 8 by Somali pirates in the Gulf of Aden, Somalia.

The Lumut Western Fleet Command Strategic Communication Division stated that the halogen spectrum is clearly detectable when combined with Night Vision Goggles.

“Its special features include suitability for marking landing zones at night and identifying friendly forces. During Operation Fajar 8, a rescue operation was launched on MV Bunga Laurel. PASKAL, moving through TLDM Fennec aircraft, infiltrated MV Bunga Laurel at night.

“With limited visibility at that time, the difficulty for aircrew to distinguish enemy and friendly forces (PASKAL) posed risks of accidents such as stray shots, jeopardizing the mission.

“Based on that experience, the CTL innovation was developed to enhance tactical capabilities and safety in carrying out such operations,” they said here today.

The TLDM innovation team was represented by Commander Syed Muhammad Shafiq Syed Husin as the team leader, Lt Kdr Ts. Chan Jun Shen, and Lt Muhammad Hazim Anuar.

They added that Operation Fajar, launched on August 27, 2008, was a military operation following the hijacking of a ship owned by the Malaysia International Shipping Corporation (MISC) by an armed pirate group in the Gulf of Aden.

To meet the challenges of the country’s Fourth Industrial Revolution policy, the team incorporated elements of Industrial Revolution 4.0 into the CTL, such as digital tracking systems, Computer-Aided Design Structure, and eco-friendly 3D filament printing.

“The success of this low-cost, high-impact, and fast implementation project has a positive impact on the capabilities of law enforcement agencies, especially in dark operations.

“This success proves the effectiveness of the innovation culture applied by The Navy People.

“It also demonstrates the ability of local expertise to produce high-impact innovations,” they added.

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