Little MD Adventures: A Day At Emergency Room

By: Rosli Mansor

IPOH – Pantai Hospital Ipoh (PHI), committed to community engagement, strives to foster awareness through education, especially among children.

The ‘Little MD Adventures program has successfully injected enthusiasm and interest in the field of medicine among children.

The program themed ‘A Day At Emergency Room’ was attended by 100 children aged 7 to 11 years old.

They were exposed to various activities such as calling the emergency hotline 999, initial assessment activities/hand, foot, and mouth disease (HFMD), CT scans, managing asthma attacks, pharmacy visits, and blood-taking activities.

According to PHI’s media statement, this program aims to provide children with the opportunity to understand the operations of an emergency unit and emergency care.

“These hands-on activities focus on how to handle emergencies interactively and are suitable for children.

“This practical experience allows children to understand the basics of emergency care while fostering a sense of responsibility and awareness.

“At the same time, parents also have the opportunity to attend health lectures delivered by medical experts in their respective fields.

“The lectures were delivered by an ophthalmologist and glaucoma surgeon, a medical and endocrinology specialist, and a nutrition specialist. Topics of discussion included glaucoma, diabetes mellitus, and the benefits of play for children,” it said.

Medical Specialist and Endocrinologist, Dr. S. Tivya, and Glaucoma Surgeon, Dr. Ch’ng Tun Wang, also presented participation certificates and ‘goodies bags’ to all participants.

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