Orang Asli Man Found Dead, Vehicle Burned In Late Night Fire

BY Aida Aziz

TAPAH: A 50-year-old Orang Asli man was discovered lifeless following a vehicular fire near Batu 23, Jalan Pahang, late last night.

Sabarodzi Nor Ahmad, Assistant Director of the Operations Division at the Perak Fire and Rescue Department, stated that the victim, found in a Proton Saga car, was lifeless in the rear seat.

According to him, the fire department received a distress call at 10:04 pm, prompting members from the Tapah Fire and Rescue Station to swiftly respond to the scene.

“Upon arrival, our personnel found the vehicle completely incinerated, with 50 per cent damage, and an Orang Asli man lifeless inside it.

“During the fire, it was observed that the car was parked at the incident location, and the victim was in the rear seat,” he said in a statement on Tuesday.

Sabarodzi mentioned that members of the public had managed to extinguish the fire before the fire department’s arrival.

“The operation commander conducted a size-up, gathered information, and assisted the police in extracting the victim,” he added.

Subsequently, he stated that the victim was handed over to the police for further action.

The operation, led by PKPgB Nadzri Che Nordin, concluded at 11:36 pm.

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