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Tin Alley’s Spring Couplets Celebration

Embracing the Year of the Dragon 2024

by Anne Das

As the Lunar New Year approaches, Ipoh eagerly anticipates the 5th annual Calligraphy Couplets event at Tin Alley, weaving together tradition, unity, and a burst of vibrancy. Building on the success of last year’s theme, ‘Muhibbah,’ which signified unity and togetherness, this cultural celebration promises a vibrant spectacle happening this weekend.

Infusing a burst of colour into this year’s red couplets, Kai Lek Tan showcases recycled coloured cloth, not just as a symbol of unity in diversity but also as a conscious nod to eco-friendliness.

Traditionally, Spring Couplets, or “Chun Lian,” adorned in red, symbolise good fortune, peace, and prosperity. This year, Tin Alley, under the guidance of visionary Kai Lek Tan, introduces a delightful twist. In addition to the auspicious red, the couplets will burst forth in a spectrum of colours, representing the unity of cultures that define Ipoh’s rich tapestry.

“Colours have a universal language that transcends barriers. This year, we’re adding a vibrant touch to our cherished tradition, creating a symphony of cultures and colours,” expressed Kai Lek Tan.

Infusing an international flair into Tin Alley, visitors from Germany and Norway, two friends take a shot at crafting couplets in their mother tongues on vividly coloured fabric.

The writing of the Spring Festival Couplets is a convergence of cultures, with participants contributing their congratulatory messages in various languages onto vibrant red and coloured cloths. The departure from tradition not only adds a splash of visual delight but also serves as a symbol of unity among cultures, a theme that remains at the heart of Ipoh’s identity.

Diogo, a spirited tourist, dives into the Chinese New Year couplet activity in advance, adding a touch of Portuguese flair to the celebration.

The event boasts over 100 couplets, more than double the count from the previous year. Among them, 50 impressive 20ft-long cloths will grace the pillars, while an additional 50 shorter ones will enhance the shop lots, creating a captivating display.

Adding to the rhythmic beats of tradition, the event will feature the pulse-pounding resonance of traditional drums, reminiscent of last year’s excitement, echoing through the lanes of Lorong Bijeh Timah.

Celebrating cultural diversity, a skilled girl effortlessly creates Chinese calligraphy, highlighting the beauty of expressing oneself in multiple languages during last year’s event.

While revelling in the beauty of tradition, there’s also a nod to environmental consciousness. Kai Lek Tan, a staunch advocate for cultural preservation, has infused an eco-friendly element into the celebration. The coloured cloth, recycled from previous events held at Tin Alley, apart from its cultural symbolism, highlights Tin Alley’s commitment to sustainability and environmental awareness.

Don’t miss this extraordinary event that promises to be even more vibrant than last year!

(P/S It’s advisable to wear comfortable shoes and light clothing as it’s an outdoor celebration.)

LOCATION      : Tin Alley, Lorong Bijeh Timah, 30000, Ipoh, Perak.
DATE         : 28th January 2024 (SUNDAY),
TIME               : 8 am onwards
NOTE               :The Spring couplets will be on display for a whole month.

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A glimpse of last year’s event at Tin Alley 2023.

Experience the rich tapestry of cultures, enjoy the rhythmic beats of traditional drums, and celebrate in the spirit of unity and goodwill.

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