EAM/PRTC Horse Show 2024 Galloping into Ipoh

A Weekend of Equestrian Excitement

by Anne Das (Photos from PRTC Archives)

Our vibrant city is gearing up for an unforgettable weekend as the Equestrian Association of Malaysia (EAM) and Persatuan Equestrian Negeri Perak join forces to present the much-anticipated EAM/PRTC Horse Show 2024. Set to take place from January 26th to 28th at the Perak Turf Club’s Equestrian Training Centre, this event promises a thrilling showcase of equestrian talent and a delightful family-friendly experience.

Mark your calendars for a three-day affair filled with the grace, agility, and power of these majestic creatures. the EAM/PRTC Horse Show promises a weekend of excitement for both avid equestrian enthusiasts and curious first-timers.

Anticipate over 30 horses and 35 riders, each displaying their prowess in showjumping, dressage, and eventing disciplines. This collaboration marks a significant moment for the local equestrian community, showcasing the beauty of equestrian sports and extending warm hospitality to all participants.

The picturesque venue, situated within the Perak Turf Club’s grounds, provides an ideal backdrop for this spectacle. The festivities kick off each day at 8 am and continue until 6 pm, offering ample opportunities for families, friends, and horse enthusiasts to immerse themselves in the action.

The horse show extends beyond the arena, inviting attendees to indulge in local favourites at the Equestrian Cafe. From 7.30 am to 2 pm, the cafe will serve up an array of delightful treats, including Malaysian delicacies such as chicken curry with Chapati/Roti Canai, an assortment of sandwiches, chocolate chip cookies, and more.

On Saturday, January 27th,  from 7.30pm to 1pm  the café welcomes Chef Derrick who will be cooking up a storm for the community, serving his mouth-watering full English Breakfast.

Note: All food proceeds from the food and drinks purchased at the Café, will go to two local charities – The Forgotten Souls of Papan Dumpsite and Noah’s Ark Ipoh Animal Welfare.

The EAM/PRTC Horse Show is designed to be a family-friendly event, welcoming visitors of all ages to witness the mesmerising world of equestrian sports. Bring your family, friends, and even those less familiar with horses for a memorable experience.

In attending the EAM/PRTC Horse Show 2024, you’re not just witnessing a display of equestrian excellence; you’re contributing to worthy causes and supporting local talent. The picturesque venue, exhilarating performances, tasty offerings, and the warmth of community spirit make this a weekend not to be missed.

Join us at the EAM/PRTC Horse Show 2024 at the Perak EquesIpoh for a weekend of galloping excitement, culinary delights, and the joy.

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