The Haven’s Sajian Warna-Warni Ramadan: Savour the Flavor of Tradition at the Ramadan Buffet!

By: Rosli Mansor Ahmad Razali

The contemporary trend of breaking fast at hotels or restaurants has become increasingly popular, particularly among urban dwellers.

The eagerly anticipated Sajian Warna-Warni Ramadan Iftar Buffet at Cuisines, The Haven All Suite Resort, Ipoh, undeniably fulfils the longing for traditional hometown flavours.

Here, you have the opportunity to indulge in over 60 mouthwatering dishes amidst a serene backdrop of lush natural greenery, creating the illusion of being in your village.

The Haven remains the preferred choice for those prioritising healthy and nutritious dining, as all offerings are free from artificial flavour enhancers such as MSG.

The aromatic fragrance of Sup Gearbox, a renowned item at The Haven, serves as an appetising prelude. Other main dishes, including Itik Salai Masak Lemak Cili Padi, Daging Dendeng Perak, Ikan Goreng Berempah, Udang Goreng Kunyit, Kambing Varuval, Rendang Ayam, Bubur Lambuk, Sayur Campur, Nasi Putih, and Nasi Hujan Panas, undoubtedly enrich the collective palate of your family.

The perfectly seasoned and slow-roasted whole lamb steals the spotlight, becoming a sought-after treat for visitors. The meticulous hours-long roasting process results in tender and flavorful meat, turning each bite into an extraordinary experience.

Beyond being a main attraction, the roasted lamb has garnered its fanbase. The chef in charge ensures that the roasted meat maintains the standard that aligns with the guests’ tastes.

The marination process and the meticulous, lengthy roasting contribute to the tenderness and aromatic fragrance of the meat, showcasing the unique appeal of The Haven’s roasted lamb.

Other options, such as Grilled Chicken Wings and Grilled Fish, are presented directly and are equally delectable.

The rustic flavours are heightened with fresh ulam-ulaman (salad), including ulam raja and kacang kelisa accompanied by Sambal Belacan and Sambal Tempoyak (fermented durian). Various salad choices, such as Kerabu Daging Pucuk Paku and Kerabu Sotong, consistently draw the attention of diners.

Bubur Lambuk, Bubur Kacang Hijau, Bubur Pulut Hitam, Sagu Gula Melaka, and Dadih are must-try options for those who favour traditional Malay porridge.

Fresh fruits like honey jackfruit and dragon fruit serve as palate cleansers alongside the delight of assorted traditional cakes and pastries.

The vibrant Ramadan Iftar Buffet offers a tantalizing experience at the price of RM137.00 for adults and RM116.00 for children (aged 6-12) or senior citizens (65 years and above).

Early reservations qualify for a 15% discount, bringing the cost down to RM99.00 for adults and RM85.00 for children and seniors when booked 14 days before the reservation date. Avail a special package for a group of 10, where one person dines for free, making it an affordable RM124.00 per person for adults and RM106.00 for children (6-12 years) and seniors.

As a bonus, reservations for 2 adults include complimentary dining for 2 children below 6 years old.

Secure your booking by calling 05-540 0010 or visit the official website at Immerse yourself in the diverse flavours of Ramadan at The Haven Resorts’ Iftar Buffet—an experience not to be missed.

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