Bebelec Centre Hosts Heartwarming CNY Celebration

By Anne Das

In a warm display of community spirit, Bebelec Day Care Centre recently ushered in the Year of the Wood Dragon 2024 with an uplifting Chinese New Year celebration. The event, organised by the Dementia Society of Perak, not only brought together caregivers and adult day care clients but also welcomed esteemed guests to raise awareness about dementia care and support.

The God of Prosperity joins guests on the dance floor as the live band sets the mood with vibrant tunes

Amidst the lively ambiance, attendees were treated to an array of performances and activities. The celebration kicked off with music and dance, filling the air with nostalgic melodies that had everyone singing and dancing along. The lively tunes brought joy and energy to the event, encouraging attendees to join in the festivities and merriment of the occasion.

Guests revel in the joyous atmosphere, dancing and enjoying the camaraderie during the celebration

A special highlight was the performance by a 90-year-old Wu Sew Chin whose harmonica rendition of the popular Chinese classic “Rose Rose, I Love You” captivated the audience and brought smiles to everyone’s faces. Her indomitable spirit that transcends age, reminds every one of the joys found in music and community gatherings.

90-year-old Wu Sew Chin captivates the audience with a soulful harmonica performance, spreading joy and inspiration at the event
Distribution of gold chocolate nuggets by the God of Prosperity added an extra touch of joy to the occasion, symbolising good fortune and abundance in health for 2024.

Amidst the festivities, Dr. Monash Pillai, DAP Ipoh West Chairman representing YB M. Kulasegaran, Deputy Minister in PM department (Legal and Institutional Reform), emphasised the urgent need for more dementia care centres, highlighting the challenges faced by millions of people around the world affected by dementia. At the event, he also announced an allocation of RM5,000 to the Perak Dementia Association.

Dr. Monash Pillay, spreads festive cheer by handing out oranges to guests

 Prof. Dr. Esther Ebenezer, Chairman of the Dementia Society of Perak, shed light on the pioneering work at Bebelec Day Care Centre, stating, “As Malaysia’s first dementia-specific care Centre, Bebelec provides tailored care for individuals with dementia. Our goal is to create a nurturing environment where they can thrive and feel supported.” Her dedication to improving the quality of life for individuals with dementia was evident in her speech, inspiring attendees to join hands in creating a more inclusive and supportive community.

Prof. Dr. Esther Ebenezer, Chairman of the Dementia Society of Perak, delivered an inspiring speech.

Behind the scenes, the Perak Dementia Society continues to provide comprehensive care and support to dementia patients and their families. The dedication of the late Bebe Lim and her late husband Dr. Lim Eng Cheang, whose generous sponsorship made Bebelec Day Care Centre a reality, continues to impact lives, offering a safe haven and holistic care for individuals with dementia since 2019.

Day Care Centre clients, currently numbering at 44, come together for group photos, reflecting the strong sense of compassion and support at the centre.

As the Year of the Wood Dragon unfolds, let us carry forward the spirit of support for those in need, ensuring that every individual, regardless of their challenges, feels valued and cherished within our community.

The BebeLec Daycare Centre is a state -of -art- purpose built Day Centre for people with Dementia. Open Mondays to Fridays from 8 am until 5 pm. (closed on public holidays). For those who need transportation, they provide transport service via their official van. All facilities in the centre are specially designed for people with dementia, including an activity centre, gym, game room, dining room, and dementia-friendly therapeutic garden.

Malaysia’s First Dementia Multisensory and Motor Stimulation Therapeutic Garden at the Bebelec Day Care Centre.

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