Drainage cover issue at Gunung Rapat Market resolved within 48 hours

By Balqis Jazimah Zahari

IPOH: The issue of the fallen drain cover which was also obstructing the waterway at Gunung Rapat Market has received prompt feedback and response from the authorities within 48 hours

Observed at the location today found that the previously fallen drain cover appears to have been fixed and is back to normal.

Furthermore, it appears that another section of the drain cover is currently undergoing maintenance.

The spokesperson from the Ipoh City Council said they confirm that there are several drain covers that have fallen and broken, but they are currently in the maintenance process.

For information, an investigation into the location where several drain covers have fallen has been conducted, and Puncak Emas has retrieved the fallen covers.

“At the same time, barriers have been set up, and reviews of existing covers as well as the replacement of damaged covers are being carried out,” he said when contacted.

He said, in fact, some of the broken covers have already been repaired.

Previously, Ipoh Echo/Peraktastic reported that the condition of one of the drain covers that had fallen in the Gunung Rapat Market area here caused the waterway to be blocked, resulting in the drain section being filled with rubbish and stagnant water.

Reporters from Ipoh Echo/Peraktastic went to check at the location following recent complaints received.

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