Embarrassing! Garbage, litter, and foul-smelling water reservoirs pollute Teluk Nipah Beach

By Rosli Mansor Ahmad Razali

PANGKOR: Litter and foul odours cause discomfort for tourists at Teluk Nipah beach.

Suhaimi Zainal Abidin, 54, is among the visitors who spent the weekend with family and was surprised by the lack of cleanliness of Teluk Nipah beach.

“I am slightly disappointed with the cleanliness of the beach in Teluk Nipah as it is one of the popular holiday destinations on Pangkor Island.

“Along this beach, there are many business premises that do not prioritize cleanliness, especially in the back areas near the shore.

“At the end of this beach, I found garbage and food waste trapped in a water reservoir, causing a foul smell along with a pile of wooden branches.

“I hope food stall owners are concerned about cleanliness, especially in drainage and the disposal of food waste, which can tarnish the cleanliness of the beach,” he said to Ipoh Echo/Petaktastic.

He also hopes that the local authorities, especially the Manjung Municipal Council, will take immediate action on the cleanliness issue of Teluk Nipah beach.

“This dirty area serves as a shortcut for tourists to access the beach.

“The number of foreign tourists vacationing here is increasing. The uncontrolled cleanliness factor is very embarrassing and reflects our own society’s culture,” he said.

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