PPR Jalan Hospital becomes the first community guidance and recycling center in Malaysia

By Zaki Salleh

IPOH: The Ministry of Housing and Local Government has established the first Drive Thru Recycling Centre (DTRC) under the Zero Waste Community Program (KOSIS) at Jalan Hospital Flats in Ipoh here.

The initiative aims to create a more sustainable community with a user-friendly qpconcept.

Its purpose is to facilitate the local community in sending segregated recyclables from their homes.

KOSIS Ipoh Center will be transformed into a Zero Waste Mini Community Hub.

The center will serve as the primary reference point for Resident Associations or Neighborhood Watch and local agencies in implementing beneficial activities for the community.

This KOSIS PPR Rumah Pangsa Center has been chosen as the first KOSIS Center, and its management will be handed over to the residents’ association this year.

The opening ceremony of this center was previously officiated by the Minister of Housing and Local Government, Nga Kor Ming.

Next, the Solid Waste Management and Public Cleansing Corporation (SWCorp) will conduct a study regarding the suitability of providing DTRC facilities in 16 other KOSIS Centers.

The implementation of the KOSIS Center at PPR Rumah Pangsa, Jalan Hospital Ipoh was introduced on March 20, 2020, involving 283 occupied residences

Throughout that period until now, a total of 33,171.26kg of recyclable items, 4,589.70kg of cooking oil, and 6,225.40kg of food waste have been collected.

This has generated a sales value of recyclable items amounting to RM23,558.60 during the implementation of this program.

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