The issue of garbage piling up in abandoned houses not resolved yet, MBI needs to take decisive action.

By Aida Aziz

IPOH: The problem of garbage being piled up and collected by a woman believed to have mental health issues in an abandoned house appears to be unresolved.

The house is located at No. 63, Cempaka Sari 22 Avenue, Taman Cempaka.

According to a resident, despite reporting the matter to the Ipoh City Council (MBI), no action has been taken by either the woman’s heirs or the authorities.

The man mentioned that the excessive rubbish within the house’s fence not only poses various health risks but also attracts venomous animals.

“Until now, no action has been taken by MBI, and there is still a significant amount of rubbish in front of the house.

“We hope the relevant authorities are more vigilant and take decisive action against the culprit to prevent littering here.

“This issue has many negative impacts on the residents here; we, as residents, are at a loss on how to prevent this from persisting,” he told Ipohecho/Peraktastic.

Previously, an MBI representative stated that a seven-day period was given to the owner’s child for immediate cleaning efforts.

“On February 13, we informed the owner’s child about the matter.

“In addition, a Notice Requiring Nuisance to be Removed under Section 82, Local Government Act 1976, was issued on February 18,” said the MBI spokesperson.

Earlier, Ipohecho/Peraktastic reported that the elderly woman often rode her bicycle carrying rubbish, boxes, and plastic, then disposed of them in front of the house.

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