Exposed electrical pole wires, is it standard operating procedure for electrical pole work in public places to be like that?

By Zaki Salleh

IPOH : Exposed electrical pole wires can pose a danger to the public, especially during heavy rain.

Therefore, 1,001 questions arise as to why there are still lamp poles in Ipoh that are exposed in the metal coverings that should cover the wires.

The condition of the electrical poles on Jalan Pasir Putih leading to Station 18 is not the first time reported by Ipoh Echo / Peraktastic.

Thousands of vehicles passing through that road can see the condition of the relevant pole, and it’s not new.

Similar complaints have been made before, but involving electrical poles in different locations.

Based on the image, it appears that there is a connection made where the wire then connects to the outer part of another electrical pole.

The issue is whether this adheres to standard operating procedures (SOP) for electrical poles in public places.

This matter requires serious attention as  it poses a danger to the public.

We don’t want to wait for cases of injury or electric shock accidents due to exposed wiring on lampposts, before action is taken and  blame games begin.

Considering this is the responsibility of the relevant authorities, it’s better for them to address this concern or at least provide an explanation to the public.

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