Pertubuhan Satu Misi contributes school supplies to Orang Asli village

By Zaki Salleh
Photo: PSM

IPOH: All levels of society play a role in assisting groups in need of support.

This is because the responsibility to help these groups does not solely lie with the government but must be shared by all capable parties.

This role is played by non-governmental organizations (NGOs), such as the Pertubuhan Satu Misi (PSM), when they step in to assist communities in need across the country.

PSM is led by its two coordinators, Raymond Francis and Anand Kunasegaran.

Every month, PSM, with the help of sponsors and donors, can expand its reach in providing assistance to different communities.

According to Anand, this time they have chosen to implement a community program in the Chang Lama Orang Asli Village, Sungai Gepai in Bidor.

This is the 93rd charity program organized by PSM.

“Forty-nine Orang Asli children in this village received donations of school necessities.

“These include school bags, stationery, and water bottles. It’s heartwarming to see the children here happy to receive these donations.

“Next, we treated these children and the community to a meal served on banana leaves,” he said.

Anand added, PSM will continue to play a role in providing assistance to communities in need of donations across the country.

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