Student who set a Guinness World Record received a wristwatch as a symbol of support

By Zaki Salleh
Photo: Kinta Welfare, Social, Sports, and Cultural Association

IPOH: Punithamalar Rajashekar, aged 11, was recognised by the Guinness World Records last year as the newest record holder for the “fastest time to arrange a chess set while blindfolded”.

She successfully assembled the chessboard in 45.72 seconds while blindfolded.

Punithamalar is also a top student in Year 5 at Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan Tamil Menglembu.

She started playing chess at the age of 5, and is an International Chess Federation member.

The recognition given by the world body has also placed Malaysia on the world map for an extraordinary skill.

Most recently, Punithamalar received a gift in the form of a wristwatch presented by the Kinta Welfare, Social, Sports, and Cultural Association as a token of support for her achievement.

It was presented by its president, P. Uvarajan, during his visit to her school.

Also present were the Menglembu Police Station Chief, Inspector Ananthakrishnan Balakrishnan, and the school principal, M. Kogilavani.

Uvarajan expressed his admiration for Punithamalar’s abilities, which enabled her to achieve a world record.

He said the gift was in support of the student’s continued success not only in academics but also in extracurricular activities.

“I personally will always support Punithamalar and am ready to assist with any of her needs in the future.

“This is also part of the Kinta Welfare, Social, Sports, and Cultural Association’s initiative to nurture capable young generations,” he said.

The success of this student has brought honour to the country on the international stage with the recognition of such an extraordinary world record.

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