A renewed home and a new start for Erwan

By Aida Aziz
Photo & video: Balqis Jazimah Zahari

IPOH: With no more garbage piling up, nor water overflowing into the living room; Mr. Erwan’s house is finally suitable for living in.

The Taman Silibin flat in which a mother and son were living in garbage and filth, has finally been restored.

It’s understood that this house’s restoration was completed with the assistance of funds from the Islamic Welfare Body of Telekom Malaysia, Ipoh

Although it’s not a new house, the restoration is very meaningful when compared to its previous situation, when it was truly unfit for human living.

However, Erwan said he was disappointed because his late mother did not get the chance to see the house in its improved condition, or to celebrate Ramadan and Syawal (Raya) together.

“For seven years I have lived here with my late mother, it really feels like a loss because every previous Eid she was here through thick and thin. I wanted to buy her Eid clothes this year, but I didn’t get the chance because she passed away before Ramadan.

“This Eid, I will celebrate with my sister and other siblings. My sister in Kuala Lumpur promised to come here and celebrate Eid together in the village.

“The Department of Social Welfare (JKM) took me to the hospital to get medication. When I consistently take the medication, my depression gets better,” he said when met at his home.

Meanwhile, the Chairperson of the Perak State Women Welfare Organization, Wan Noorashikin Noran, said that with the assistance of rehabilitation, Erwan could live more comfortably.

“The Islamic Welfare Body of Telekom Malaysia, Ipoh contacted me to distribute the necessary aid, after this good repair work, the clogged toilet and damaged equipment finally functioned.

“The water and electricity channels are also fine now, Erwan can take care of the cleanliness of the house and himself.

“As we mentioned before, we cannot move him to a new house because of his many cats and he cannot be separated from them.

“We are aware that many parties are reluctant to rent a house given Erwan’s situation, so we repaired the house as best as we could.

“Almost RM5,000 in costs for repairing this house was borne by the relevant party, they also made space to place the cats in the kitchen,” she said.

Wan Noorashikin said her team will also conduct regular monitoring here, in addition to assistance from neighbors in the apartment building.

Nursuraya Abdullah and Samsurina Darus, who are Erwan’s neighbors, are also among the individuals who have frequently monitored the condition of the mother and son before this.

“The condition of Erwan is getting better, we will see what needs to be done to ensure that the situation does not repeat. This year, Erwan can celebrate Eid in a nicer home,” said Nursuraya.

Previously, the media reported on the lives of a mother and son duo who lived in a house filled with garbage, including piles of excrement accumulated over many years.

Reportedly, the current situation forced Erwan Dahari, 46, to quit his job to take care of his elderly mother, Miram Kadir, 77.

After the news spread, many parties came forward to provide assistance, including cleaning up the rubbish inside the house.

Last February, Miram, also known as “opah,” passed away peacefully in her sleep at her daughter’s residence in Flat Ashby Road.

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