Opinion Letter: Many Electric Poles Remain Uncovered in Ipoh

Dear Editor,

I recently came across a report about uncovered electric poles along Jalan Pasir Putih leading to Station 18, published by Ipoh Echo/Peraktastic.

As a daily commuter along this road for work, I have observed the condition of these uncovered electric poles for quite some time.

Throughout this period, no party has taken the initiative to repair the damage until the report was published in Ipoh Echo/Peraktastic.

This indicates that the responsible parties are aware of the report, but the question arises as to why action is only being taken after such a long delay.

Furthermore, even though some uncovered electric poles have been repaired, there are still several poles with missing covers or open covers where electrical wires are exposed.

This reflects a piecemeal approach to repairs, fixing one issue while leaving others unattended.

In reality, the situation of uncovered electric poles on Jalan Pasir Putih is just a fraction of many such poles.

For example, in Sungai Pari near the Public Works Department Engineering Branch.

My suggestion is that the responsible parties, regardless of agency or department, should play their respective roles by reporting to each other without waiting for public complaints.

We are now in 2024, where the Malaysian government emphasizes good governance and service quality for the people.

Voice of Ipoh Residents,

Jonathan Lau
Bandar Botani

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