Premium Fruit from Perak, a Visit to HAMI Eco Farms

by KT Leong

The scorching heat coupled with flood-inducing rains lately, we’re reminded of the importance of protecting the environment. One way to do so is through sustainability, so when Junior Chamber International (JCI) Ipoh made a corporate visit to HAMI Eco Farms in Batu Gajah, Perak, we at Ipoh Echo just had to tag along to see how HAMI Eco Farms handles sustainability.

Established by Mr. Aw with a background as an architect, the farm focuses on cultivating muskmelons using seeds imported from Japan and Holland, as well as the techniques adapted from those countries.

The tour of the farm was highly insightful, not just on the process and techniques for growing and harvesting the melons, but the various ways in which sustainability is practised at HAMI Eco Farms.

From the germination of the seeds to sprouts, all the way to harvesting, we were shown each fascinating step of the entire process. For instance, the pollination was done by hand, rather than relying on pollinating insects like bees, and each tree only has only one melon, so that this one melon would enjoy all the nutrients instead of sharing it among several fruits. Toward the end of the growth process, they stop watering the plant, so that the moisture and nutrients from the rest of the tree would go entirely into the fruit, maximising the flavour of the melon. Everything is done strictly and systematically to ensure the best harvestable fruit possible.

Nothing is wasted along the way either, complete with composting done in-house and using the waste from the surrounding area. Even the generously provided samples for visitors are recycled for composting, so there’s no wastage and much of the materials for the cultivation uses recycled and organic materials as well.

In addition to just their fruit, HAMI Eco Farms are also working to diversify their offerings.

For further inquiries, such as to set up tours, kindly contact 010-769 0733 or

Thanks to JCI Ipoh for bringing us along, to learn more about JCI Ipoh, contact 010-504 2016 or

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