Sampling Local Fare at Tiong Nan Shan Restaurant

By Anne Das

In recent months, changes in Ipoh’s coffee shops, prompted by rising rents, have resulted in a shuffle of many of our favourite stalls, making it hard to keep track of where to find our preferred dishes. Amidst this uncertainty, RESTAURANT TIONG NAN SHAN stands as one of the examples of this reshuffle.

Situated at the far end of RHB Bank in Ipoh Garden South, and previously known as JM Corner, this coffee shop now offers a diverse selection of new stalls serving up local food we can be proud of.

Leslie’s Wan Tan Mee Varieties

Thankfully Leslie’s Wan Tan Mee and the Hearty Pork Noodles are among the few stalls that remained. Staying true to Ipoh’s tradition, this coffee shop provides a good mix of tasty local delights. From staple breakfast dishes like Kai Si Hor Fun and Wonton Mee to comforting favourites like Pork Noodles and Fried Kwey Teow, there’s something to satisfy every craving.

One notable addition to the selection here is the newly introduced Chinese mixed rice, offering a huge selection of various meats and tofu options. Vegetarian diners will also find plenty to enjoy, with a dedicated stall serving up home-cooked vegetarian dishes.

With over 20 different selections, this mixed rice variety makes for a hearty meal. Choose from a variety of meat, fish, pork, vegetables, and tofu options, priced when you select and pay.

Other Stall Offerings:

Pork Noodles: Starting at RM8.00, these noodles are a must-try for any visitor to Tiong Nan Shan Restaurant. Known as one of the best in Ipoh Garden South, additional toppings are available at extra cost.

Penang Fried Kwey Teow: Enjoy the rich flavours of this iconic dish, available in various seafood and meat variations. For an extra treat, opt for the large plate which comes with additional ingredients like prawns, fish cake, cockles, and Chinese sausage.

Kai Si Hor Fun (Chicken Noodle Soup): Priced at RM9.50, this soulful chicken noodle soup is a comforting treat on any day. The broth, enriched with prawn heads, is packed with flavour, making it irresistible till the last drop.

Vegetarian Meals: Enjoy a variety of home-cooked vegetarian dishes served with Homemade Acar and healthy brown rice, catering to vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike.

Healthy Desserts : Daily Selection of Chinese Desserts to end your meal.

In addition to its delicious fare, RESTAURANT TIONG NAN SHAN prides itself on its clean,spacious, and cooling ambiance, making it a comfortable spot for hot afternoons. It’s no surprise this eatery also sees a healthy stream of families from the neighbourhood on a daily basis.

If the locals are enjoying it, it must be good, right?

Spacious and Cooling Ambiance

Note: Parking can be a challenge in this area especially during lunchtimes, as is common in busy areas of Ipoh. Additionally, with mostly Chinese vendors in this food court, those seeking Indian or Malay fare may need to look elsewhere.

Contact Information and Address:-
Contact : 016-502 0709 (Vic)
Address : 2, Taman Ipoh Selatan, Tingkat Taman Ipoh 6, 31400 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia
Opens : Monday to Sunday – 7am to 9pm ( Only few stalls open at night & No fixed off day)

Whether you’re a longtime resident of Ipoh or just passing through, RESTAURANT TIONG NAN SHAN has some of the better local favourites, all in one welcoming space.

Clean and Fresh Smelling Restrooms here
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